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The Logbook

Your Logbook, Tracking App, Excel Spreadsheet, whatever you use to track, is the most important tool you will use to guarantee results. 

Progression in bodybuilding and growing muscle happens over a long horizon. The adaptations you get from adding more and more stimulus is what causes the muscle to pack onto your body overtime. This process is tedious, its rather boring on the day to day, but it is immensely crucial. 

I have seen too many people spend years in the gym and not add an ounce of muscle to their frames. What I’ve noticed with all of them is the weight on the bar never moves. They simply go in with whatever workout plan they have (if they even have one) and lift the same weight day in and day out then ask someone like me why they aren’t growing. 

They aren’t growing because growth comes from adding the small 2.5lbs weights to the bar and progressing that through the rep range. If you aren’t taking account of these small weight jump increments you will spin your wheels for months if not forever. 

The logbook forces you to take accountability of the numbers, progress those numbers, see what’s working, what isn’t working, and most importantly gives you a number to shoot for. It gets way too easy when you know you got 225lbs on incline bench for 9 reps and you just need to get 10 reps and you can ensure your growth. 

If we’re working in the 6-9 rep range, you start with the weight you get for 6, you grind and work until you get 9 reps, then we add weight, even those little 2.5’s and we go back to 6 reps, rinse and repeat. 

You’ll then look back at your logbook and realize that 225 for 9 you did is not 275 for 9 months later. 

All of this happens when you have real numbers to shoot for. TAKE THE GUESS WORK OUT, YOU ARE SEVERELY LIMITING YOUR GROWTH!